Ron Fernandez

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Human Interface Design
Human Interface Process
Product Management
Graphic Design
Publications and Teaching

About me

I currently work at Traverse Networks designing handheld mobile applications and web sites for end-user call management systems. I'm a Sonim, Palm, Apple, NetObjects, and Caere alum with 17+ years' human interface (HI), information architecture (IA), software product marketing and graphic design experience. I've been involved in key product development efforts during high tech's four most famous Next Big Things: telecoms, handheld computing, the Internet, and desktop publishing.

Human interface design
My current focus is on mobile applications and associated web configuration and management features. I'm a founding member of the Palm Human Interface Team responsible for handheld OS and application design, end-user hardware and software out-of-box experiences, process definitions and deliverables. I was a corporate Webmaster for three years, responsible for site architecture, design, e-commerce and support knowledgebase integration, content development and project management.

Human interface proces
There are certain steps I follow in pursuit of good visual and interactive design—discovery, concept, design, and specifications.

Product management
I have shipped operating system APIs as well as end user shrinkwrap software. I have worked extensively with engineers, QA, Marcom, PR, and sales teams to execute product launches and maximize profitability.

Graphic design
I have broad experience creating end-user marketing materials. I've written, illustrated and designed for a wide variety of media, including Internet, print, packaging, video, and interactive CD content.

Publications and teaching
I've written course materials and taught for Stanford University, Apple Computer, and Kodak's Center for Creative Studies. I've contributed chapters on graphics applications to two books published by Addison-Wesley. Most recently, I presented a paper (download .pdf) at the ACM SigCHI 2004 conference in Vienna, Austria describing my work on the Palm Zire 71 camera interface.

(download .pdf version)


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