Ron Fernandez

I design great products by leading great teams

Products I have designed (with the help of great teams) have generated over $1 billion in direct revenues and associated sales.





Context: Amazon had plans to introduce new Kindle eReaders with radically different physical IDs, price points, and to begin sales in non-English speaking markets. 

Action: I led the team which designed onscreen keyboard, touch, high-resolution fonts, and award-winning visual updates for three generations of Kindle eReader. 

Result: Great reviews. Estimated 10-13 million units sold, $530 million in e-book sales. 






Context: I’m part of the Samsung IoT business unit that develops an integrated IoT hardware, software, and cloud services platform. I lead the innovation team which builds working prototypes to continually check platform services.

Action: Built a working, smart speaker prototype in four months and for under $200K which supports visual, voice, and touch UX interactions; Bluetooth controls and multi-speaker playback.

Result: Used in partner discussions, lead-gen, and negotiations at CES.






Context: Palm created the mobile computing market. It needed to add features quickly to support developer and customer demands. 

Action: As the second person hired for the Palm Human Interface Team I designed multiple mobile PIM and media apps and introduced color and high-resolution graphics and type to the Palm OS.

Result: Sales of $750 million. Introduction of millions of users to color, high-resolution mobile computing.  





Mobile Communications

Context: Avaya, a leading provider of corporate PBX systems and a Bell Labs spinoff, required a mobile app suite to complete its unified communications product offering

Action: I had designed mobile applications for Windows Mobile, Palm, BlackBerry, and iOS while at Traverse Networks, a communications startup. Each app integrated presence, call management, call log, and visual voicemail features.

Result: Avaya acquired Traverse Networks for $15 million (in 2006 dollars) for the mobile app suite.  


Ron reported directly to me as CEO of Traverse Networks…He quickly became a critical component of the business. The Traverse mobile app suite…was a key reason Avaya acquired Traverse…Ron’s extensive knowledge of product design and branding, coupled with his talent for ideation and strategic thinking, sets him apart from even the most elite professionals in the UX field.
—Durk Stelter, CEO and entrepreneur




I build and manage great UX design teams

I can build design teams from scratch or fix ones that are in trouble. I teach and mentor junior designers, and provide strategic and creative feedback to senior staff. Team members often follow me to new opportunities. I take that as a good sign.

Ron reported directly to me as CEO of Traverse Networks…Ron’s extensive knowledge of product design and branding, coupled with his talent for ideation and strategic thinking, sets him apart from even the most elite professionals in the UX field…
—Durk Stelter, CEO and entrepreneur

Ron is the best manager I’ve ever worked for…
—Adam Donkin, User Experience Director, N3TWORK, Inc.

…Ron has a great sense of humor, and brings a light-hearted mood to any team he engages with. If the opportunity arose, I would definitely work with him again.…
—James Rafferty, Senior Product Designer

…Ron leads by example, and his abilities set a high bar. He is the first to give credit, and the last to lose patience.…
—Chad Hunter, User Experience Lead, BottomLine Technologies


I’ve worked at great, innovative companies

I’ve spent about half my career at “blue chip” tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and Palm where my work was integral to the overall business. I’ve spent the other half of my career at startups, working directly with founders and developers, sleeves rolled up, designing the next great thing.

I’ve broad experience

I’ve designed SaaS, IoT, web, mobile, consumer, enterprise, and hardware products. I’ve been a software product manager. I’m a graphic designer, copywriter, and public speaker.


I usually don’t look at the sun.
But when I do, my dog and I take appropriate precautions.

Great American Eclipse
Ochoco National Forest, Oregon
August 21, 2017